Can Bone Regenerate After Steroid Injection? I've Been Left With a Depression.

I had rhinoplasty 3 months ago to remove my dorsal hump. Initially I was very pleased with the results, though 2 months after I noticed a bump appear. My plastic surgeon injected a steroid and eventually the bump did go down, however it appears to have caused a depression in the area beside. Just wondering if the bone can regenerate, and if so, how long would that take?

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Can Bone Regenerate After Steroid Injection? I've Been Left With a Depression.

  Steroid injections into the nasal tissues after a Rhinoplasty can cause depressions.  For that reason, IMHO it's best to use limited amounts of kenalog 10 and not 40, to space these injections at  least 1 month apart and only perform them during the healing phase of the Rhinoplasty so if a slight depression happens...further healing without steroid shots will fill in the dip.  Kenalog affects the soft tissue, not the cartilage or bone.

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Steroid shots after rhinoplasty

Steroid shots, or Kenalog injections, are used for soft tissue swelling/scar tissue, not bone.

If you have a depression after the steroid shot, it is likely that it is a loss of soft tissue and not bone. You may require a soft tissue filler to address thos issue,


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Depression After Steroid Injection

It is not unusual for steroid injection to cause a depression in the skin and soft tissue - this typically resolves in a few weeks to months

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Steroids after rhinoplasty

Steroid injections can lead to soft tissue atropy and will not produce bone regeneration.  Probably the hump you noted after surgery was due to swelling.  You should wait at least a year before deciding if a revision is needed.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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