Bone Protusion After Rhinoplasty Exacerbated by Restylane?

I had one shot of Restylane in the glabellar area for a prominent single vertical line between the brows. I had a Rhinoplasty done over thirty years ago and there is some bone protrusion next to the right eye.

It seems that after the Restylane, that bone is much more visible. The area looks odd. Could Restylane have caused the bone to push out? What happened?

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Restylane and Nasal Boney Protrusion

Hi Searchgal,

Restylane will not raise nasal bones.

The protuberance is likely due to migration of Restylane. Consult with your injecting physician regarding the possibility of hyaluronidase injections to dissolve the product.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Bony protrusion after Restylane

Impossible to tell what change has occurred to make the area worse after the injectin without examining you.  However it is not possible for the Restylane to have moved the bone.  Most likely it has just changed the relationship of the area and the perception of lines and shadows is different. 

Edward Buckingham, MD
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