Bone Osteotomy to Reduce AND Round off a Long, Pointy Chin?

I have a vertically long & pointy chin & am wanting to save up to have a chin reduction. I have made up my mind that it is what I want but I have been told that I better run if someone wants to burr my chin. Why is this? An osteotomy can reduce the vertical height of the chin but what about the pointy-ness? I would think that I would have to have the tip of the chin rounded off with a burr but now I am confused after hearing from a doctor's assistant not to let anyone burr my chin.

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Surgery for chin reduction

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For a long and pointed chin a genioplasty or osteotomy will be necessary. Burring would only be necessary if no osteotomy was planned; only minimal changes can be achieved with burring. The downside to either chin reduction procedure is loss of boney support for the soft tissues causing a "witches chin" deformity and premature aging of the lower face. This problem can be avoided if care is taken to resuspend the chin soft tissues and only conservative bone work is done.

Hoover Plastic Surgeon

Surgical options for a pointy chin.

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I would recommend scheduling a consultation with a craniofacial or orhtognathic or maxillofacial surgeon with expertise in facial osteotomy and discussing your goals.

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