Bone Grafting and possible infection?

I am having a tooth extracted and a bone graft.  One week after this I am leaving the US for India for 5 weeks.  Are there any precautions I need to take to prevent infection or will the area be healed enough for travel?

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Bone grafts heal uneventfully

Not sure my title is proper grammar, but suffice to say, you should be fine for travel.  If there were to be an issue, it would be obvious within a day or two.  The healing process WITHOUT a graft is essentially the same WITH a graft, but the grafting augments everything so the end result is better for "phase 2", whatever THAT is.  Phase 2 can include "no plan" as well.

One COULD Rx antibiotics during the early stage of this, but that is not routine or standard of care.  Antibiotics are to be used to fight existing infection or prevent infection for those PRONE to infection.  I would NOT recomend antibiotics unless you were in a higher risk category.

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Precautions following extraction and bone graft

Healing is well under way in most cases by one week however the wound will be immature for several weeks and hence you need to protect the site from being traumatized and generally keep the site clean for the duration.  A crucial aspect also is to make sure the rest of the mouth is kept clean, this keeps the bacterial load low elsewhere and further enhances healing.

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