Bone Graft 5 months after Implant with immediate load of temporary tooth.

Tooth pulled and Implant on #9. They were able to get good turns on the implant and immediately loaded with a temporary tooth. They charged $650 for a bone graph they did not do, I made a big stink they deleted it but said may have to. 5 months later, I no gum rescission, everything has healed nicely. He removed the temporary tooth and said I had some soft tissue and added bone. Is this normal to do? He is not even waiting for the "bone graft" to take, he is putting on the crown in 10 days?

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Bone Graft/ Implant

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I would suggest you review the entire treatment plan with your periodontist and get details on what was done and why? Your questions regarding the waiting time after the bone graft is something you should direct to the treating periodontist.

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