Bone graft needed if I receive an extraction with implants?

i had my tooth pulled out 6 weeks ago, and expecting to have an implant done in 2 weeks. will i need a bone graft? dentist told me that the sooner i have implant placed after extraction the better because i will have enough bone there, but then before extraction he said i may need bone graft before i even had my ct scan, what you think should i have enough bone because is only few weeks after extraction

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Bone Graft and Implant Placement after extraction

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Implant placement can be done either at the same day of extraction or after few months. Bone graft depends on bone quantity and It can be evaluated by taking a CT scan. It is not recommended to place an implant couple weeks after extraction.

Los Angeles Dentist

Bone graft with implants

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After a tooth extraction, sometimes an implant can be placed simultaneously. In some situations, the area is left closed for healing and the patient comes back to have the implant placed 3-4 months later. When doing this procedure, bone graft may be needed to give enough support to the implant. Bone graft procedures are most likely to happen if it was not done at the time of the extraction. A treatment plan is always presented to patients for payment planning.

Pamela Marzban, DDS
Fairfax Dentist

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