Bone Fusion for Dorsal Augmentation, What do You Think?

I had a deviated septum surgery 6 months ago and the surgeon rasped a hump. Now my nose appears a bit convex and feminine! I want to augment my dorsum. My specific question relates to the nature of the graft. Would it have to be cartilaginous or could it be of bone material? cartilage seems to lack the stability and longevity when used for dorsal augmentation. I was wondering if bone grafts are better in becoming an integral part of the nose, especially if it is placed on the bony part only.

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Bone Grafts for Nasal Dorsal Augmentation

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Bone grafts can be used but survival of these grafts is not as reliable as cartilage. It is also more difficult to contour the bone before placement. The stability of cartilage grafts has never been a problem while I have used them to augment the bony dorsum over the past 35 years.

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