Bonding or Veneers on Short Incisors?

When I chipped a top front tooth as a child, both were filed down. Too short, slanted and 40 years hate my smile. My dentist is reluctant on bonding, just seems a shame to mess with such perfect but short teeth, all I want is a little length added to the bottom edge. Cost is an issue, but I know that what might help me smile is a great investment, and should I be dissatisfied with bonding that's money lost toward veneers. I'd love some advice -bonding? and/or what type of veneers

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Bonding or Veneers on Short Incisors

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It's hard to answer this without a photo and without seeing how your upper and lower incisors meet eachother when you chew. However, it seems like bonding would be your 1st choice if all you want is a little length. Remember, it all depends on your occlusion (how your teeth meet).

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Bonding Excellent trial restoration.

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Doing bonding is an excellent way to determine length, shape etc of a final veneer restoration.  It will not look as good on a long term basis as a veneer but could be your first step on your way to veneers.  If you are happy  with the bonded restorations you can keep it long term.


It will also let you evaluate how much of an artist your dentist is.


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