Is Bonding a Good Option for My Teeth? I Have A Gap and Spacing Issues. (photo)

When it comes to my smile, there are only two things that bother me: The large gap in my bottom teeth, and my lateral incisor that appears to be slightly behind my two front teeth (It is the same color as my other teeth but appears grey in photos and bad lighting. Is bonding an option for either of these two issues? I'm happy with my smile (with those exceptions) so I'd prefer not to undergo braces.

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Orthodontics or Bonding

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Even though you would prefer not to have braces, I would talk to an orthodontist before doing anything else. There may be options you hadn't considered, and it might not be as involved as you think. Orthodontics is the least invasive way to get the changes you want (no cutting or drilling) and I think you will be the happiest long term with the results of this treatment. Having said that, I think bonding will work also, it's probably the least expensive as well. It will wear out at some point though. As far as veneers, keep in mind that once you have veneers you will always need them, and they will need replacement eventually too (it will likely cost more to replace them than it cost to get them initially).

Cleveland Dentist

Gaps and crooked teeth

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Looking at your photo, the upper lateral incisor is an easy fix if you place either bonding or a porcelain veneer.  The lower gap is so large that you would probably be best off by having orthodontics done to close the gap.  In fact to properly eliminate the lower gap, you might need to combine orthodontics with either bonding or porcelain veneers.

Neal Nealis, DDS
Chicago Dentist


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I agree with the other doctors here... Ortho is your best option. If you do bonding you would have two abnormally large teeth and it would not look ideal.

Good Luck!

Kesa McConnell, DDS
Oklahoma City Dentist

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Orthodontics, bleaching and bonding if necessary

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The best way to handle your case would be first aligning those two teeth, getting the best color possible with bleaching and then performing a good and conservative bonding work with composite resins if necessary. I would not recommend bonding in first place as more material will be needed with esthetic compromise, problems with opacity, etc.

I would not recommend veneers as you will have to remove healthy tissue (enamel) and your anterior guidance will be affected.

Claudio Sorrentino, DDS
Argentina Dentist

Invisalign is the Solution for your Problem

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I understand you would like to close the lower gap with bonding.  Bonding may make your teeth too large, not giving you a look that you would like. Bonding can be done to bring the lateral incisor forward. Remember  that bonding is not a permanent solution to your problem and often chips and has to be redone.  You can also accomplish all of this with veneers and they are permanent but their will be reduction of enamel to the teeth. Once you have veneers, always veneers!

My suggestion to you is, even though you do not want braces, you can accomplish and fix your problem permanently with clear braces called invisalign.  These are clear removable aligners that will close the gaps, align your teeth and after you are finished , you can use the trays for whitening all of your teeth.

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

Invisalign or Braces For Spacing Issues

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Looking at the photo I think that bonding would not be a good option for you at all.  I think that your bite needs to be evaluated and that you should consider some sort of orthodontics.  If you are against braces, then have an Invisalign consult to see if you are a candidate for that.  Good luck.  

Large gap between teeth

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The best treatment for your case would be orthodontics/braces.  Since the gap between your teeth is considerably large, your bottom front teeth would look abnormally large if bonding was used to close the gap.  You should also consider braces because it appears from your picture that your back teeth are in crossbite.  Once your bones have the right proportions and your teeth are in the proper position, you will be able to chew better and look even more attractive.  Best, Dr. Elizabeth Jahanian

Elizabeth Jahanian, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

I would not consider bonding as a good first option for this gap

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In looking at your  picture, the lower gap seems too large to close with bonding. The teeth will look way to wide and un-natural. Your upper laterals may be improved by adding bonding to bring them forward but I see them a bit small. Also your bite must be evaluated to see if it will allow this type of work to be done.

My advice is, if you do not want braces, then go with Invisalign to level, align, and close the space. This will solve your problems without having to do anything to the teeth (other than move them). You can even lighten your teeth by putting some whitening gel into the aligners at night. If you want a more ideal smile after that, you may consider some gum leveling to make the teeth look a bit longer on the gum side.

There is nothing better than your own natural teeth.

Hope this helps

Dr. T


Mauricio C. Tijerino, DMD
Miami Beach Dentist

You're a Great Candidate for Closing an Incisor Gap

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Obviously orthodontic treatment is your number one choice to correct spacing, gaps and misaligned teeth.  However, 'bonding' can be a great  choice as the first step in changing your smile.  Closing the lower incisor gap with bonding is done all the time.  You can also have bonding done to align your top front tooth.  You can always do VENEERS  at a later date.  Interview dentists and have a moch up of your smile done if you want to see how it looks first!!!

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

Bonding to solve esthetic issues

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Bonding will likely solve the issue that concerns you for your upper tooth in the hands of a skilled cosmetic dentist. Bonding will not result in a pleasing esthetic appearance for the lower arch. I would encourage you to reconsider some type of orthodontics. It may not be as involved or expensive as you imagine and you will enjoy proudly the result the rest of your life. Best of luck.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

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