Would it be possible to remove disastrous belly button and see up and have a single line scar. (photos)

I would like to cut out belly button and stitch the skin together and have a vertical scar I would prefer a vertical scar instead of my current belly button What went wrong - I had a tummy tuck I do not have a hernia

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There are options to remarsupialize your belly button to restore some degree of normalcy to the area. Best, Dr. KaramanoukianLos Angeles

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Belly button

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After a tummy tuck we sew in the belly button to a new location. you appear to have a widened scar.  Not sure why this happened.  It may be due to the kind of sutures that were used.  I usually use monocryl sutures which are dissolvable.    I would not recommend throwing in the towel just yet and doing what you suggested...I would revise the scars first and see we can make your belly button smaller and more aesthetic.   I think it can be improved. Best to look for a board certified plastic surgeon.
Good luck!

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