Does anyone here even know what LIPEDEMA is?

Lipedema is an abnormal accumulation of adipose tissue typically in the legs and sometimes the arms. normal torso + huge legs. Water assisted lymph sparing liposuction can remove it but you need the skill set to do the liposuction or the condition is actually made worse. Each query that is made about lipedema, the Doctor wants to correct the person by calling it LYMPHEDEMA. these are not the same although lipedema can progress to lymphedema is left untreated.

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lipedema can be a devastating condition, and progress to include lymphedema if liposuction is not employed. treatment requires a well trained physician with excellent skill, especially someone considerate of lippy patients needs. It is not difficult to get a good result, you just need to find the right person who treats a lot of patients with this condition.  most of my patients have pain, swelling, large size that is dramatically improved after liposuction/contouring.  best, Dr. Emer.

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