Can I have an infection despite being on antibiotics? Near end of 300 mg clindamycn. Having night sweats and pain L breast/pec.

Saline implants removed 10/16,, capsule in. 12/6, tenderness/slight swelling L upper rib, under breast, gone w/in a week. 1/3 L breast huge, aspirated 2x's, 100cc blood each. PS expected fluid, due to no bruising. No resolution, PS put in a drain. Within 7 days, began having severe pain in L shoulder, breast swollen despite drain. Drain removed, still moderately enlarged breast and localized dense area at top near under arm with moderate pain. Should PS do lab to test for Infxn?

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Swelling post removal

This may be due to additional fluid buildup or a latent hematoma or collection of blood.If you are worreid about infection then monitoryour temp.Warms compresses may help but return to your surgeon till this is resolved.

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Infection versus persistent fluid collection

You may still have additional fluid in your breast that needs to be properly drained in the OR. The fluid is cultured so you can be placed on the appropriate antibiotics. I would suggest you see your operating surgeon ASAP, especially if you are having pain so you can be properly examined and evaluated and treated adequately. Good luck!

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#BreastImplantRemoval - still having pain

If I understand you correctly you still have the capsules in and you've been accumulating fluid that mandated the reinsertion of a drain, right?

This case cannot, of course, be addressed adequately or resolved via this forum; you need to be seen in person by your PS.  If you have any hesitations or concerns you should seek additional opinions.

However, it sounds like you may need to have the capsules removed which, depending on exactly what is done, would be a total or partial capsulectomy.  A total capsulectomy would be more desirable except that for submuscular implants the posterior (back) portion of the capsule is often closely adherent to the ribcage and paticular caution must be used when removing it.

I am sorry for your ongoing symptoms but you may need to have another surgical procedure.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

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