Is this an emergency? Or should I wait and schedule to see surgeon on Monday?

Had explanation removal on 10/16/14. Recent onset of swelling and pressure in left breast. Almost to size when implants were in. What is happening?

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Swelling post implant removal

It sounds as though you may have a hematoma.This is some bleeding that occurs post breast surgery.You should call your surgeon.

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Swelling post explantation

Follow up with your surgeon sooner rather than later. It sounds as if there may be some bleeding (called a hematoma) or collection of non bloody fluid (called a seroma). Your surgeon should examine you to clarify what's going on and treat it appropriately.

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BreastImplantRemoval - Is this an emergency?

I would recommend you contact your plastic surgeon as soon as possible. You may have some bleeding going on, or the accumulation of fluid. 
Good Luck

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#BreastImplantRemoval - Is this an emergency?

Although the timing is unusual, it might be.  You should call your PS and discuss it with him or her.

Post-operative bleeding is a concern with all surgical procedures and when there is a space created (by removal of an implant or a space-occupying mass such as a lipoma) it is particularly easy for that space to fill up with fluid.  That's one reason that drains may be used to help evacuate the space.

It's possible that you've had some bleeding into the space that was not yet fully occluded following your implant removal and, for that reason, you should contact your PS.  In the unlikely but possible event that you'll need to have the fluid evacuated under anesthesia you may want to consider not eating or drinking anything until you've talked to your PS.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

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Is this an emergency? Or should I wait and schedule to see surgeon on Monday?

Without seeing you photo- it's difficult to comment accurately. But you need to contact your Surgeon and be seen by him/her ASAP. 

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