Painful lump in right armpit and tight/painful pectoral muscle that didn't start until day 10 post-op. What could cause this?

I had a bilateral BA revision at 6 months for left implant not settling and right implant bottoming out. I also had my implants switched out for slightly smaller ones. At 10 days post-op I picked up my purse with my arm outstretched and felt some pain on the side of my right breast. My pec has felt tight/painful at sternum and shoulder. Yesterday (day 15) I noticed a painful lump (lymph node?) in my right armpit. My PS is in SLC and I live in Boise.

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Your question is one that requires a thorough examination by a board certified plastic surgeon.

I would advise you to seek this out so you can be managed properly.

Hope this helps.

Dr Ali Mosharrafa

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