Is it normal that my drain tube stopped on the 5th day post surgery? (Photo)

It's Saturday so my doctors office is closed I have had my drain tube since Tuesday afternoon after surgery on my left breast I had a capsular contractor so they cut out the scar tissue and put a new implant in. I had a lot of blood the first 4 days, now nothing, is this normal? I get it out on Monday.

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Is it normal that my drain tube stopped on the 5th day post surgery? (Photo)

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Stripping the drain may help if it is clogged.  There is nothing obvious in your photo.  Make sure you see your physician as scheduled.  More than likely, your drain will be removed at that visit.

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Every patient is different. Some drains drain longer and some drains drain shorter.  Best of luck with your results.

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Drain not working on day 5

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Thank you for your question.  You can always call your doctor's office and get the answering service call the physician on call for advice.   Generally speaking, stripping drains are important so they don't get plugged.  Best of luck. 

no more drainage

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Thank you for your question and photo. The purpose of the drain is to provide a way for blood to be removed from the implant pocket. Particularly after capsulectomy for capsular contracture, there is a tendancy for more bleeding, than after a first time augmentation. It is expected that the drainage will diminish over time as you have experienced. It sounds like everything is progressing as expected. I suspect that your surgeon will remove the drain at your next visit.Best Wishes,

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