About my Breast Asymmetry. Also, What About Different Profiles in Each Breast? (photo)

I know all of you always say that it is hard to give advice without seeing me in a consultation, but just by looking at my pics I am hoping to get once last bit of suggestion.While I know they will never be perfectly even, I know they can get close. Q: I would need a LOLLIPOP lift on the large side before implants, not just a DONUT lift, correct? Doing just a donut lift to the larger side, my smaller breasts nipple (even with a much larger implant) would still be much higher wouldn't it?

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Breast asymmetry correction procedures - sometimes the simplest solution is the best

You have differences in breast volume, shape and nipple position. This is a challenging situation to make 'perfect'. I would start with augmentation of your left breast, perhaps with an adjustable Spectrum implant and see how much volume symmetry can be achieved. When that issue is satisfactory to you, I would then approach your nipple asymmetry correction. A vertical mastopexy on right side would be my first choice as a second stage procedure.

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Breast Asymmetry

Yes, I would likely suggest the lollipop or traditional mastopexy lift with different size implants.  A great way to decide on implant sizes, especially with asymmetric breasts with the VECTRA XT 3D imaging to analyze your breasts and also visualize potential post op results with various size implants.  


Good Luck.

David Shafer, MD
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Correction of breast asymmetry with a breast lift or by using breast implants with different profiles may not be enough.

The key as you know is to work with a board certified plastic surgeon with a lot of experience with correcting breast asymmetry. Your situation is complicated because not only do you have breasts with significant breast skin and volume asymmetry but your left nipple is very high. My This will need to be addressed so that you do not end up having the left breast looking bottomed out. You and your surgeon should discuss all your option whichay include changes in the nipple areola poistion of both breasts in addition to altering breast volume. All of options should be discussed at the time of your first consult and after you explain your expectations for breast size and shape. Good luck 

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Breast Asymmetry

Although all women have some breast asymmetry, you clearly fall in the category that warrants intervention.  In my opinion, you would benefit from a vertical lift on the right along with the use of different implants.  Using a higher profile implant on your left may not be a bad idea.  Also keep in mind that fat transfer to your left breast and /or liposuction of your right breast may be useful tools.  A donut lift has minimal utility and would not be helpful here.

Good Luck,

Ary Krau MD FACS


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Correcting Breast Asymmetry with Regard to Shape to Volume

    The volume needs to be balanced with a larger implant in the smaller breast.  I would do this through the IMF and take out skin at the same time to bring the nipple areola complex down.  For the larger breast a lift (either circumvertical or full) would be needed to make the skin envelope tight enough, medialize the breast, and reshape the breast to match the other side.

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Breast Asymmetry.

Two problems with a donut lift.

  • too much distance to travel, and the closure would therefore be on too much tension and likely cause unfavorable scarring.
  • your surgeon will not be able to equalize the amount of skin with just a donut incision mastopexy. 

It may be useful to use different profiles on the two breasts. The left side will need more projection and more volume. Better symmetry will occur if both implants have simillar width, and that is only going to be possible using different profiles.

Thanks for your question and for the posted photos. Best wishes for a great outcome.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Correcting breast asymmetry with breast augmentation, breast lift, or both

Thanks for your question!


I am glad you understand the importance of a thorough physical exam from a board certified plastic surgeon, but having said that, based only on your photos, it looks like you would need two things to correct the asymmetry. 

The right breast nipple areola complex or NAC is lower then the left.  This would have to be elevated to match the left because this is far easier to accomplish then lowering the left side to match the right.  Also, the left NAC is in a good position.  This is part one,  Part two involves selecting an implant to correct the size discrepancy. If you wish to be larger on both sides, you would need a smaller implant on your right breast (after the breast lift) and a larger implant on the left to match the size as closely as possible on the right.

I would not attempt a "donut lift."  In my hands, I rarely perform this operation because it does not get the job done in terms of movement. I tend to favor the "lollipop lift" if you are referring to the operation that is technically known as a "vertical mastopexy" where the incisions are around the nipple and straight down to the inframammary crease or fold.


I hope this answers your question, good luck!

Shankar Lakshman, MD
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Breast Enhancement Surgery

I would likely try to keep this very simple and just add an implant to the left for balancing as I feel you have a great shape on the right. GOOD LUCK!

Ryan Neinstein, MD, FRCSC
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I will go against the consensus. I think your right breast is actually beautiful and has a very nice and natural shape. We are surgeons and not god. I dont think adding more scars on your right side will do anything to improve it. Maybe a small amount of lipo just to reduce the volume, which has significantly less scarring. The left side can be addressed with either a tissue expander for a two stage procedure or with a one stage implant enlargement. Your two breasts will always be a little different regardless of what is done.

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Breast Asymmetry #breastimplants

We all try to compensate breast asymmetry but the fact of the matter is most women are not symmetric to begin with. If there are big differences then I will use different volumes in implants to compensate. If a patient needs a lift I can often even things out by taking some tissue on the bigger side. When it comes to sizing a breast for implants it is pretty simple and straight forward.  In my opinion these situations that we find ourselves in with patients can be simplified. Sizing is not about a number. In fact, I do not even discuss numbers with my patients. If a patient walks through the door and says they want x-cc implants I have to educate them about how sizing works. The best analogy I can relate this to is buying shoes. When you go to buy shoes how do you do that? First you start with the size your foot is right? So if your foot is a 6.5 you try on all kinds of 6.5 size shoes. Some may be tall, some might be flat, and some might be somewhere in between. You would never try to buy a size 8 shoe because it would be too big for your foot right? Breast sizing is the exact same way. Implants come in several different profiles that are like different heights of shoes. Implants can be low profile, moderate profile, or high profile. There are even implants that are higher than high. That would be your high platform shoe. Each implant style give you a different look. Now, your breast has a defined width that we call the base diameter of the breast. This would be analogous to the show size. Your breast base diameter never changes. It is what it is. So now, you can choose several different style of implants that fit the number of your breast base diameter. That really narrows down what implant is best for you. So once you know your breast base diameter you can try the low, moderate, high or really high implants on. The only think you have to decide is which look you are going for. You would never put an implant that is 13 centimeters wide in a patient whose base diameter is 10 centimeters. Half the implant would be in the armpit. So, this is very simple to me. My patients get a few choices that fit their breast and that is it. I will not put an implant in a patient that is too wide for their body because it will harm them over time. Hope this helps!

Richard J. Brown, MD
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