Is fat which has been transferred to breasts via a fat-transfer procedure likely to reduce along with full-body fat loss?

I have experienced my total body fat percentage decreasing as I have lifted weights consistently (I'm at 16%). I'm interested in fat transfer to my breasts, but wonder whether the results would be influenced by continual full-body fat-loss.

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Natural breast augmentation with fat grafting

I appreciate your question

I perform a natural breast augmentation with fat. This can be removed from any unwanted areas including the breast itself as part of my lipo-lift procedure. I perform the fat grafting in multiple planes including under the muscle to give the best, most natural enhancement. Fat grafting is a great solution for someone who wants to bring their breast size up a cup or so and use natural tissue vs an implant. However, it can also be combined with an implant or used as a secondary procedure to fill in areas that are flat or thin. It should not affect nipple sensation, mammograms, cancer risk or breast feeding. It can be a little lump or hard at first but tends to soften over time. If you gain or lose weight, the transferred fat can do the same.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.  Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic breast plastic surgery.


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Is fat which has been transferred to breasts via a fat-transfer procedure likely to reduce along with full-body fat loss?

Great question.  Yes, the fat that has been transferred will shrink along with the rest on your body fat as you get leaner.  Fat transfer should be done when patients are at a healthy and sustainable weight.  My guess is that maintaining your currently low body fat composition may be pretty difficult.  You may want to consider letting it creep up a little and see how you look and feel.  It's important to think long term.I recently did an augmentation on a lady who had a quite nice result from fat transfer.  She joined Cross Fit and slimmed way down and lost most of her body fat along with her transferred fat.  Quite the bummer.  On the other end of it, I have a fat transfer patient who packed on 7 lbs. in a week on a cruise and she was busting out of her bra.  Once she slimmed back down, all was well.  So before you decide on fat transfer, you need to decide where you will best be with your weight and body composition.

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Is fat which has been transferred to breasts via a fat-transfer procedure likely to reduce along with full-body fat loss?

Fat that is transferred during surgery continues to respond to weight gain or weight loss just like it did prior to the fat transfer. For example, if you gain weight your stomach may get bigger or your thighs. If that area is used for the fat transfer, then when you gain weight or breasts will grow just as your stomach and thighs would have. The same is true for weight loss. You want to get to your ideal body weight. The weight that your are comfortable at and plan to be at long term before undergoing the surgery. That way you won't have big weight shifts after the surgery which can lead to changes in the results. If your ideal body weight means you have no excess fat for transfer, then you may want to consider implants.

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Fat Transfer

Thank you for your question. Generally speaking, the fat that is transferred to your breasts will increase or decrease with weight fluctuations just like anywhere else on your body. If your weight is not stable and you are looking for increased breast fullness, I would recommend breast implants as they won't change with weight fluctuations. You will need to have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon for precise recommendations. 

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Loss of Breast Volume with Body Fat Loss

Fat transferred to the breasts will behave similar to the fat where it was taken from. I have seen large loss of their own breast volume in women due to intense working out.  This likely has to do with hormonal regulation which affects all body fat in a similar fashion.  Weight gain with increased body fat will probably reverse this loss of volume. Fluctuantions in body fat levels of work out are likely to change breast volume as well.Please consult with an expereienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon prior to making treatment decisions.

Luis A. Cenedese, MD, FACS
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Is fat which has been transferred to breasts via a fat-transfer procedure likely to reduce along with full-body fat loss?

Yes, any transferred fat to your breast will behave like fat in the rest of your body and specifically where it was transferred from.  If you lose weight after your procedure, you could lose volume in your breasts.  Make sure you are at a stable weight before considering a fat transfer procedure.

Naveen Setty, MD
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Fat transfer

After fat transfer, it is best to avoid loosing weight. Otherwise, your transferred fat may shrink. Ideally, let your weight stabilize before the transfer. A ten pound loss might not change much, but a fifty pound weight loss will.

Connie Hiers, MD
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