What facial surgery to get? (photos)

It may be obvious to some, but I can't tell if I just need a nose job (tip) or if just getting a chin implant would be ok? Or is there another surgery that would be better. I can't figure out exactly what is wrong with my face to make it look better. Besides having better skin and losing weight (working on both) Late night pictures and no make up. Trying to decide which surgery would help my face.

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Facial surgery

I wouldn't recommend facial surgery until you have reached your goal and have shown you can maintain that new weight, for a year.

Further, that would require an inperson consultation, rather than an online response.

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What facial surgery to get?

Thanks for your photos and your question.  I see several options but feel that the answer must be guided by your priorities for change.  I feel that a rhinoplasty with either fat augmentation or placement of a small chin implants would be worthwhile and after stabilization of your weight would also consider a buccal fat pad excision to sculpt and thin your cheeks.  This will still leave some excess skin in the jowl region and depending upon your age (you appear too young) would consider a future facelift.  Enjoy the video link above for more information and good luck.  Be sure to seek opinions from experienced board certified plastic/facial plastic surgeons.

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Facial surgery options

Looking at your photos I would not suggest a chin implant.  A rhinoplasty and neck liposuction (plus a lift if you are over 45) would serve you better.  

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Rhinoplasty, chin implant, neck liposuction combination

When making the decision to perform cosmetic surgery, do the procedure on the anatomical facial component that bothers you the most. If it's your nose, then do a rhinoplasty. A rhinoplasty procedure can accomplish decreasing the projection of the nose and reducing the bulbous tip. A small chin implant can accomplish bringing the chin forward to help with facial balance and proportions, especially with respect to the overly projecting nose. As long as you're at your ideal body weight, consider liposuction of the diet resistant fatty deposits located in the neck. For more information  and many examples of all three procedures, please see the link and the video below

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It may be obvious to some, but I can't tell if I just need a nose job (tip) or if just getting a chin implant would be ok? Or is

Hello facialsurgeryquest - Thanks for your question. I think the first question to ask is "What bothers you about your face?" From what you've written it sounds like you are not sure. In that case, I will take the liberty of analyzing your face and giving you an educated opinion on what you might do to optimize the aesthetics of your face. In my opinion, you would do well with liposuction of your chin with chin implant placement to better shape your jawline. This would then best be coupled with a rhinoplasty to reduce the forward projection of your nose, narrow/reduce your tip, and slim the bridge of your nose. This would bring it closer to your face, allowing your lips to seem larger. 

I think this would allow a more balanced facial appearance. I would recommend that you consult with a facial cosmetic surgery specialist for more information. 

Good luck, 

Dr. Shah

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Rhinoplasty for the wide nose and bulbous tip?

Rhinoplasty for the wide nose and bulbous tip? This will help to give you a more feminine and attractive nose. You can discuss the pros and cons of a pre jowl chin implant as well. See a very experienced rhinoplasty surgeon whose noses look natural and not overdone.

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Facial Plastic Surgery Advise

Congratulations on your quest for self improvement. I would focus your attention on your nose and continue your efforts for better skin and weight. Your chin position seems fine, but perhaps skin tightening or liposuction could be considered to improve your neckline and profile. Consult in person with a specialist in Facial Plastic Surgery and discuss your interest in facial enhancement. Best wishes. 

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