4 days post op capsular contracture, what do I expect now? How do I prevent this from happening again? (photos)

I had 455 ultra high profile cc silicone breast implants put in 2014. One month out exactly I woke up to an extremely tight painful swollen left breast. We tried bands, medicine, everything and it just got worse over the year, so I finally went through w/ surgery again, I have a new implant, he cut out all scar tissue (which was a TON he said) and I have a surgical drain until Monday which is pumping out a lot of blood. How can I prevent this from happening again? I wouldn't wish this on anybody

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Capsular contracture

Capsular contracture is more likely to happen if you have a history of capsular contracture.  But, most things done to prevent it are out of your control.  The implant placement and incision and well as technique intraoperatively appear to impact capsular contracture rate.  Though, it is a known process that cannot be completely avoided unfortunately.

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