Doubts about eyebrown implant?

Good afternoon, I'll do a transplant eyebrow about a tattoo that has some scars unkept, I have almost decided, but I have a big doubt, over time, the hair implanted in my eyebrows begin to fall by natural processes ? or they never will fall, my other question is, as I have to shave the area around the tattoo because I get many hairs there, if by mistake I shave and remove a hair implant, it grows back? or no longer out more? Thanks :)

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Eyebrow hair transplants

eyebrow hair transplants are often done in scars and in women many times the women will have some tattoo on them which we work around

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Regarding eyebrow transplant


The eyebrow transplant should last a very long time since the hairs are usually taken form an area that does not thin. If you shave part of a eyebrow that has been transplanted it should grow back.


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