Drain not drain, dissolvable stiches?

I met 3 surgeons so far and 2 on 3 are using drains and stiches. on of them doesn't use drain and dissolvables stiches. I am kind of scared because of these 2 things. thanks to explain to me the difference.

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Breast reduction

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Breast reduction is a common operation. I usually use drains and absorbable sutures, but every surgeon is different. I prefer to use drains to minimize the risk of fluid collections.

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Drain not drain, dissolvable stiches with breast reduction?

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The use of drains and/or specific types of suture should not be important or stressful to you when you are considering breast reduction surgery or selection of plastic surgeon. My best advice would be to select the plastic surgeon who you feel will most predictably/safely achieve the results you are looking to achieve. Then, allow him/her to use whatever specific “techniques” he says she feels most comfortable with.

Best wishes; keep in mind, that breast reduction surgery tends to be one of the most patient pleasing operations we perform.

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