Seizure Medication Made Me Gain Weight. How Much Would it Cost For a Body Lift After Weight Loss?

I gain a lot of weight from one of my seizures medication and now I lose some and my arms look ugly as well as my stomach and thighs. I am working out but I hate what my medication has done to me. How much will it cost a disabled person like me to get surgery for something that I had to take for my seizures

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How Much Would it Cost For a Body Lift After Weight Loss

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Without photos I can only guess what procedures might be useful. It sounds like an arm lift, a tummy tuck and possibly a thigh lift. RealSelf has posted average costs for each of these procedures.  Although there are also postings for "body lift" it is not clear that this is what you might want to pursue.

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What is a body lift

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A body lift can be multiply different procedures that are used to remove unsightly and excess skin.  It can include an abdominoplasty, a reverse abdominoplasty, a corsetplasty, a beltectomy, and bra roll excision.  These can also be combined with breast procedures, thigh lifts and arms lift. These procedures are designed to remove loose skin and related fat deposits, thus, providing a more youthful appearance. Liposuction may also be completed in conjunction with a body lift


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Anire Okpaku MD FACS

Un levantamiento completo del cuerpo puede incluir diferentes procedimientos para remover  el exceso de piel antiestetica tales como: abdominoplastia, abdominoplastia reversa, corsetplastia, levantamiento de gluteos/ parte baja de la espalda (beltectomy) y excision de los rollos del brasier. Todo esto puede ser combinado con cirugia de los senos, levantamiento de muslos y brazos. Estos procecimientos estan designados para remover la piel flacida y los depositos de grasas relacionados ademas proveer una aparencia mas juvenil. Una liposuccion tambien puede ser combinada con un levantamiento completo de cuerpo.

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