Body Shaping Through Laser Lipolysis?

I am considering Laser Lipolysis for abdomen, chin, and neck. How safe and effective will this be?

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Laser lipolysis: who knows if it is any better than other forms of fat removal?

Proponents of Laser lipolysis will claim that it is superior to other forms of fat extraction, yet the claims are essentially anectdotal and have not been tested nor validated in any respected medical forum.

There are some aspects that would seem to make it a good option in very localized areas. However, that is purely a theoretical estimate.

I am sorry that I can't provide you with a better answer.

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Laser Lipolysis for Localized Areas

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Laser Lipolysis is a generally safe procedure for a healthy individual.  Typically, localized areas yield great results however is some cases, laser lipolysis is add to larger liposuction areas to enhance results. It's always best to schedule a consultation for a personal assessment for your needs and expectations.

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Laser Lipolysis: Body Shaping achieved with minimal downtime

If you're considering liposuction, you've probably already tried diet and exercise but are still bothered by some aspect of your shape. First, it's important to select a doctor with the experience and results to re-sculpt your body. There are many lipo platforms and equipment available, and some are well used in conjunction with one another. We use a triple platform approach to ensure patient comfort as well as achieve fat removal and skin tighening. Body contouring through lipo is a good consideration, and you are encouraged to meet directly with the provider who will be performing the procedure. Best wishes.

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