Considering Body Shaping at 22 Years Old with Body Jet

I'm 22, Asian female and I have a lollipop shape! All the fat has a tendancy to be located on my upper body (arms, stomach and back). I have a small breast (34 Nearly A!) and a small hips. I am 5'3"/114 lb. It seems to be hereditary because people of my family are similar. I am considering a body jet to remove the fat from my stomach, arms and back to my butt/and breast or having implants if the amount of that is not enough). Is lipo OK at my age? on my arms? Am I a good canditate to WAL?

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Body Jet for Lipo and Fat Transfer

It sounds like you would be a great candidate for liposuction with the Body Jet.  When used with the Lipo Collector, you can immediately re-inject the fat into another part of the body.  In you case, I would probably recommend using the fat to enhance the buttocks and implants for the breast.  At 114 lbs you probably do not have enough fat to transfer to  both areas.

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