Will my Body Reabsorb Pockets of Fluid in my Low Back Developed After Hi Def Lipo?

I had hi def lipo 2 weeks ago. I had my 5th post op appointment today, and this is the 2nd time the surg asst has had to drain fluid from my low back. About 40cc's both times. Today she injected Kenalog into the pockets after aspiration. Is this normal? Won't my body eventually re-absorp this excess fluid over time?...or will I continually need to have it aspirated? I haven't seen my surgeon since the procedure. He hasn't even popped his head into the room for ANY of my postop appointments.

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Swelling after liposuction

Regardless of type of liposuction, swelling is expected. If there are true pockets of fluid, that are being drained, then the question is if this fluid is a seroma.  It would be a good idea for you to schedule a followup appointment with the surgeon, not assistant, to ensure that your are being managed correctly.

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Will my Body Reabsorb Pockets of Fluid in my Low Back Developed After Hi Def Lipo?

HiDef Lipo is VASER LIPO. Fluid accumulations are a all to frequent complication of any ultrasonic or VASER lipo. You should have been informed of this possibility in your preop consent session. Re accumulation of these fluids can lasts for a few months. Sounds like your chosen doc is treating the area OK. Best of luck. Informed consents help patients understand the risk/benifit ratios 

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