Do People Get Body Lifts Sometimes from Aging and Volume Loss as Apposed to Weight Loss?

does the body need lifting like the face does to due to gravity? i find that older men at the beach dont seem to look like how they did when they were younger even with a " toned body". the skin seems to sag. even a little.does this happen to everyone? even if we have stayed the same weight? is it posible to have a tight body forever? and what would the age for a body lift be? and about facelifts. doctors say ageing is also volume loss. does ethnic skin need volume as they age?

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Dear Perthboy:

As the body ages the skin loses elasticity and, in a molecular level, the collagen changes.  This results in less elasticity of the skin and thus, sagging.  In addition there is typically loss of fat, further adding to the appearance of sagging and wasting.  The body may need lifting due to gravity. 

Skin sag unfortunately happens to everyone whether they have weight loss or not.  There is no magic age to have a body lift.  It depends on the severity of the skin and soft tissue sag.  If it is significant then you are ready for a body lift.  If it is mild you can possibly wait.  Aging can cause volume loss, but on the body, I would not suggest injecting fat into the abdomen nor hips to reverse the aging clock.

Thank you,

J. Timothy Katzen, MD, FACS

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Body Lifts: Not just for post-bariatric weight loss patients.

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Body lifts are very reliable and predictable operations which help contour the abdomen, outer thighs and buttocks. There are multiple different types of body lifts that can be applied to match the patients anatomy and their goals. A body lift for a woman is not the same as that for a male patient because a male patient usually does not want an hour glass figure. No matter what the indication, these are powerful operations that can be applied to any body contouring patient. A body lift is not reserved for only patients who have lost a significant amount of weight through bariatric surgery, but can be part of a mommy make-over for skin excess from pregnancy or for patients with outer thigh skin laxity and/or "saddle bags". The outer thighs are the main deciding factor for applying a body lift rather than a standard abdominoplasty. More often than not, if there is outer thigh sagging, liposuction will not correct this, and a body lift is the most appropriate contouring procedure. The scar wraps all the way around the torso and can be placed in line with almost any bathing suit or under garments. I hope this helps. Dr. Trussler

Andrew P. Trussler, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Body lifts for aging or just for weight loss?

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Of course people get body lifts to remove the excess of skin that makes the body to lose their shape and tone. Aging is universal, affects not just humans. And in our body the aging shows not just in the face and the neck, also the breast, arms, abdomen, etc.  May factors are involve in the aging process, the sun damage on the skin, smoking, lack of exercise, excess of weight, losing weight, other diseases, etc. Ethnic skin also ages, not as fast as fair color skin, and in the aging shows in many ways:  lack of volume, loss of tissue tone, excess of muscular activity, effects of the gravity, discoloration, etc.

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