How Much is a Body Lift and a Tummy Tuck Revision on a 6'5 Male? (photo)

I lost allot of weight, thus the gym did help, but not the way i was expecting, had a TT in'06, was not very happy, still have love handles and i felt that the doc. could have taken more fat from the abominal area, i tried to work out to get it right post surgery but it didn't turn out the way i had hoped, i would like a neck lift and a body lift, primarily on my upper body, my legs/thighs arne't that bad, i can live with the extra skin there, how much would it cost (estimate)?

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Upper body lift and neck lift

An exam in person is crticial to determine what is best for you.  If it is just fullness , then maybe liposuction can help. Difficult to tell from the photos.

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Revision surgery

Thanks for your questions and photos. It's very hard to give advise based on your photos because I can't tell the quality of your skin. You might do well with just aggressive liposuction. You should go for some consultations first. Once you have a better idea of what you need you can concentrate on the cost. Good luck.

Ronald Schuster, MD
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As much you want as must the ammount/ tanto como quieras asi te costaria

if you full fill the requirements . not smoking, preop.lab test ok, any cardiovascular  disease, any diabetes, any coagulation problem, controlled hypertension the first stage neck, cheeks and  arms, perhaps legs would cost more or less about 8,000usd  everything included, second stage  trunck and belly wold cost you like 7,000 usd .

situ llenas todos los requisitos, no fumar, no hipertension, no problema de  coagulacion, no hay problema cardiaco y tus analisis salen bien me gustaria empezar con  cuello y  mejillas, mas  brazos y muslos  el costo seria de unos 8,000 usd todo incluido en la segunda  etapa podriamos operar abdomen y te costaria  unos 7,000 mas  saludos dr navarro {+52-999-9273563

Ramon Navarro, MD
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Body contouring costs can vary depending on your aesthetic goals

It appears as though you're an excellent candidate for the procedures you're requesting, but it's hard to give a cost based soley on your photos.  If you come in for a complimenary consultation, I can provide you with the exact costs for the procedures to meet your aesthetic goals.  Having performed many body contouring procedures, your requests seem very reasonable and it would be great to see you in person to fully assess your areas of concern. 

Costs for body lift

I assume your tummy tuck produced some improvement, but you still require some more liposuction.  There is also redundancy of the breasts, arms, and back that needs to be addressed.  Nobody but the examining physician can give you the costs for this surgery.  If you are sticking with the same plastic surgeon, discuss this with him or her.  Otherwise get some opinions until you find a plastic surgeon you trust and determine the costs.

Bruce E. Genter, MD, FACS
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Body Lift

From the pictures posted you still need a lot of liposuction and body contouring.

The upper body need to be assessed with the breasts. The incision is essencially from the infra mammary line going around the back. You may need also a lot of liposuction. Therefore it is difficult to give you an exact amount of cost. You need to sit with a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss what you want achieved, then we can discuss the expectations and staging these procedures.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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