Body Jet versus Tumescent Liposuction, Which is most effective?

I am planning on having lipo & fat grafting to my breasts, and am quite thin. I'm considering a few different surgeons, and they are divided on the best lipo technique to use. Some say tumescent lipo with micro cannula is best (because I am thin), and others say water-assisted is best because it is gentle on the fat cells and they are more likely to survive. What does everyone think? Does anyone have extensive experience using both methods?

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Tumescent liposuction much preferred to Body Jet

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My personal experience is that tumescent liposuction is a much better tolerated procedure with consistent results and quick recovery.  The center where I completed my fellowship training conducted a study on Body Jet.  Patients were often uncomfortable and required IV sedation, which is not necessary with pure tumescent liposuction.  The Body Jet infuses numbing solution at the same time it takes out fat.  I find the amount of fat extracted can be less using this procedure compared to the Body Jet.  Many new devices come and go and become "en vogue" due to marketing--tumescent liposuction has over 30 years of medical literature and practical application to back up treatment success.

San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

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