Body Jet Liposuction and Laser Lipo - Alternatives?

I'm 5'6, 150 lbs &22 yrs old. Despite being notorious among my friends as a health nut and gym rat, I'm not thin--my waist is 30". I lost over 60 lbs after growing up obese then had trouble maintaining that weight loss in during early undergrad years. My main concern is the entire abdomen area--it bulges especially when I sit I have to pull my pants over it. I want to have a slim defined mid section, thinking about abdomen, flanks & lateral back

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No kind of liposuction works for loose skin

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Unfortunately, with a 60 pound weight loss, there is a significant chance that you have loose skin whose elasticity is not great.  This can happen even in a young patient who has not had kids.  There is no kind of liposuction, regardless of all the junk on the radio and on line, that will fix this.  But if you look hard enough you will find someone who will do it on you unfortunately.  You should go to the best real plastic surgeons and be examined.  It might be that you should wait until after having kids and do a tummy tuck to get the best, flattest tummy that you can have.

I see so many patients with abdominal and neck laxity now who have been deceived into treating laxity with laser liposuction (Smart?, not...) and who have been destroyed by the result.  It is attractive to hear what you want to hear, but skin laxity, and skin excess cannot be treated by liposuction of any kind or technology.

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