Does the body dissolve Alloderm?

When I had my expanders were replaced with implants, my PS said there is no sign of alloderm left. I know they were put in when the expanders were put in. What does this mean? My body dissolved it?

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Does the body dissolve Alloderm?

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While it is possible for the alloderm to be absorbed this usually seen in cases with infection or other issues. When the alloderm is completely incorporated into the capsule it can be hard to see the difference between the regular capsule and the alloderm. The majority of time I can usually identify it at the time of implant exchange. They surgeons might have used a very thin alloderm and this could be harder to identify. IF there is any question you can always get your old operative report from the hospital. 

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Alloderm for Breast Reconstruction

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Thank you for your question.

This means that it was either absorbed by your body or the Alloderm matrix was completely vascularized and incorporated into the implant capsule surrounding your breast tissue expanders | breast implants..

I hope this helps.

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