Why does body contouring prices vary from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars?

I have started seeing alot of positive things and hype about the new laser body contouring procedures. The place I am interested in is  they claim to use the YOLO laser for services. Why/how are they offering coupons for $400 for up to 9 treatments, when other places are charging thousands for similar procedures. Is this a huge bargain or scam? All information is appreciated before I invest in these procedures.

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Many reasons

It is true that some providers simply charge more.

It's more important to compare apples-to-apples.

Some technologies are based on lay people using inexpensive machines that offer little to no improvements.

These machines are available to buy on eBay, etc.

Others can only be operated by a physician (hopefully a plastic surgeon). Some of these machines can cost close to $100,000.

A typical plastic surgery office may cost $20,000/month to operate (sometimes much more). It's not possible to do surgery for $400 and stay in business. However, a spa may do quite well making $400.

In a sense, you get what you pay for.

My general suggestion is don't look for bargains. The disappointments run high, and while less expensive, spending any amount of money for zero results is still more expensive.

Having procedures that can deliver real results by untrained operators can be dangerous and lead to permanent disfigurements.

Be careful.

Best of luck,

Mats Hagstrom, M.D.

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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