Can You Body Build with Pec Implants?

Even though i plan on getting an implant to balance my pectus excavatum i want to bodybuild and make my pecs bigger. will i be able to do this? will it affect muscle growth while working out or anything like that? look strange? please answer asap!

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You Can Still Bodybuild With Pec Implants

While your muscles may be affected, you will still be able to develop them even with pec implants in place. The implants are custom shaped to achieve the most natural-looking result.

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Can You Body Build with Pec Implants?

Yes, after an appropriate period of time of rest/recovery, you will be able to return to weightlifting.

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Can You Body Build with Pec Implants?

As a bodybuilder, I tend to see both male and female individuals who want to bring up a particular lagging bodypart. I would have to see pictures to see what may be appropriate for you. Also consider that the ability to build the muscle after augmentation is affected, but no one knows how much.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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