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I am 32 years old and my husband and I have just decided to start a family. While I have a fairly lean athletic build (5'9", 135lbs), the rest of my family is obese. They all tell me "wait until you have kids". This terrifies me! I exercize heavily 4-5 days a week and don't eat horribly. Do genetics doom me to obesity like the rest of my family once I have a baby? Are there things I can do to be proactive during my pregnancy to prevent this?

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Doomed by genetic gifts?

You are not necessarily doomed by your genetic gifts.  Just do all you need to have a healthy child and continue to exercise and watch what you eat.  Your relatives may just be jealous of you because at 32, the genetic gift box of your life would already have begun to open revealing your traits and future.

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Staying healthy while pregnant.

If you are concious about what you eat and take your prenatal vitamins along with some advisable excercise from your obgyn, you should be ok.  Make sure you don't go overboard on it and focus on having a healthy baby.  Drink lots of milk and eat nutrient rich foods. 

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