Body Aches and Burning Sensation After Tummy Tuck?

I had a Tummy tuck five weeks ago along with a hysterectomy. Last night and today I have felt like I have the flu like body aches going on. It is only in my abdomen, lower back, hip and thigh area.

I felt so bad I took my temp thinking I may be sick or something. I also noticed a burning feeling around my incision and it seems to be swollen in that area today. Could it be because of the new lymphatic connections making way?

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Swelling and burning after Tummy Tuck could mean infection

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It is great that you have done well for five weeks, but your description is concerning. Burning and swelling around the incision and not feeling well might mean that there is an infection in the wound or even deeper. Alternatively, your aches could just be the flu. It is hard to tell over the internet. Please call your plastic surgeon and have him/her examine you to make sure that it is not an infection that needs to be addressed. Good luck, Heather!

Portland Plastic Surgeon

Tummy Tuck Performed with Hysterectomy

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When you combine tummy tuck surgery with a hysterectomy, you have a higher risk of complications. The symptoms that you describe burning, swelling, and flu-like symptoms warrants a visit to your Plastic Surgeon. Your incisions need to be examine to insure that there is no wound infection brewing. You may have just an ordinary cold and the nerves along the incision line maybe starting to return. But it would be prudent to have your surgeon take a look to be safe.

T.Y. Steven Ip, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

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