Pressure on the bones/cartilage in your nose

Last night I think I fell asleep with my hand cupping one side of my nose. It put so much pressure on it that I even felt the breathing out of that side was effected. I tried looking in the mirror and it doesn't seem anything got moved but it feels like it was. I'm breathing a little different and I still feel slight pressure. Is it possible I could have altered the bones inside?? I know it sounds ridiculous, but the way it feels is very real and I think it looks slightly different too.

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Pressure on nose and movement of the septum and bony structure

It is possible you might have caused a small displacement of the nasal bones and/or septum. I would seek a consultation with a facial plastic surgeon in your area if the symptoms do not resolve in about 2 to 3 weeks.

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Pressure on the bones/cartilage in your nose


Thank you for your question, The best is to go for one on one consultation with your Surgeon for examination I do not think that anything was affected but best to be sure.

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