Patch of white thin skin after neck lift. What should I be doing to prevent it? (Photo)

I recently had a neck lift and 3 days later I still have a patch of white skin which I believe is due to my having very thin skin and which I am treating with nitroglycerine. I am very concerned about the potential for the skin rupturing and getting infected. How likely is this and what should I be doing to prevent it ?

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Thinning skin after necklift

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I would recommend you see your surgeon and discuss with him/her your concerns. It is hard to diagnose with that picture as it may just be normal healing or it could represent something going on.

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Low probability

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Unfortunately the picture is somewhat hard to diagnose from. That being said it is VERY rare to have tissue loss in the sub-mental region. Although tissue slough is very rare indeed, when it does happen it occurs usually behind the ear. Treating with nitroglycerin is not harmful and can help. If there was excessive cautery in the neck on the undersurface of the skin some tissue damage could occur but that is most unlikely. Keep your follow up appointments and in all likelihood it will be ok!


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Thanks for your question. Patch of white skin at the incision area may result from your relatively thin skin at the area. Based on your photo, I would recommend you keep the white patch area avoiding from bending and try to apply an antibiotics cream all the time. By following this advice for 1 week or so, you will see the result of either your patched will be faded or your skin will be rupturing. This way, you will realize how to fix this problem. 

In case of getting a skin rupturing, you can consult with your previous PS for the right treatment which takes quite a long time for a healing process. Antibiotics may be used again to avoid any possible infection. Good luck!

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White patch on neck

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This is likely due to a blood clot forming however only a visit with your surgeon would be the best thing to do. Warm compresses should help, but again please go see your surgeon

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