I ruptured my implants fold & have diastasis recti. Should both be repaired at once for optimum result? (photo)

I had a profalctic mastectomy and the internal stitches ruptured within a couple weeks on the right.I have a follow up surgery in August. I awaken nightly from the muscle tearing on my rib cage.

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Breast reconstruction

Depending upon where you are in the reconstruction stages will determine when you can have the fold fixed.  Best to discuss with your surgeon.

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Breast Reconstruction

You have a second surgery planned for August.  The implant position can be corrected at that time so you do not need to have an additional surgery to reposition these implants.    Best wishes, Dr. T

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Multiple repairs

Having these procedures together, as opposed to separately, should have no effect on the outcome so it is a matter of personal preference as well as whether your insurer will permit the cosmetic and reconstructive elements to be performed simultaneously. 

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I ruptured my implants fold & have diastasis recti. Should both be repaired at once for optimum result?

In this presented case ONLY in person examination would allow a treatment plan and options to be offered!

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The diastasis recti is abdominal in nature and ...

really should not have anything to do with the ability of an internal sling to hold an expander/implant for reconstruction in place.  Having another surgery already planned should be able to remedy your concerns.

Peter J. Capizzi, MD
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Combined Plastic Surgery Procedures

Thank you for your question.  It appears that you have developed capsular implants around your implants. This is one of the more common complications of breast reconstruction.  There are many ways to remedy your problem, this could include exchanging your implants, recreating the inframammary fold, removing the capsule, and placing your new implants into a new pocket.  Since the photos do not show your lower trunk, it is difficult to assess.  However, breast and truncal surgeries are often combined.  I personally try to limit operative time to 6 hours for cosmetic cases.  For combined breast and body cases, especially if you are undergoing abdominoplasty, I inform my patients that the tummy tuck can lower the inframmamary fold.  

The two surgeries can be combined, but patient safety must always be the first priority.  I recommend a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to see if you are a candidate for a combined procedure.

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