I had implants and a breast lift and lost one of my nipples (necrosis) in April 2016? (Photos)

I'm now trying to figure out how to rebuild my nipple. There is a a wonderful prosthetic nipple from a website that 2 surgeons told me to use and forget trying to rebuild it. Today I went for another consultation and this doctor told me it's no problem to take half of my existing nipple and transfer it to the other side after they tattoo my areola prior. May I ask what you think of this idea and what the success rate is of this type of procedure?

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Nipple Reconstruction

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I am very sorry to see that you have had trouble with your nipple after breast implants. Nipple reconstruction is possible and there are a few different techniques, however, it would be best to wait until your wounds have completely settled and healed from the previous problems that you have had before you have anything done.

Nipples can be reconstructed from the overlying skin that you have on your left breast using a form of surgical origami technique, they can be built from using half of the healthy nipple as was explained to you by your Plastic Surgeon or you can have a prosthetic nipple. All these techniques would require should you wish to have the areola tattoo done afterwards.  Some people elect not to have any surgery or reconstruction done and to have only a tattoo, which if done by a specialist tattoo artist, can create a 3D looking nipple negating the need for further surgery. There are pro's and con's of all the types, so it comes down to patient choice and preference. 

Best of luck with whichever you choose.

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I had implants and a breast lift and lost one of my nipples (necrosis) in April 2016? (Photos)

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Reconstruction of the nipple is a rather moderate flap technique to form a nice appearing nipple. As for areolar, I use full Thickness skin graft from labial tissue for better color match. Fees in $5,000 ranges... 

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