I have 2 holes under my left breast where my incision was made. It doesn't seem to be healing. What can I do? (Photo)

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Exposed implants

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looks like you have exposed implants.   This is a bad thing and you should let your surgeon know right away as this will not heal on it's own and may require that the implant be removed.
Is this a breast reconstruction?  Your scar seem atypical for a breast augmentation.  Have you had radiation?

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Threatened implant

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Thank you great picture. It is not going to heal because your implant is exposed. The wound will not heal with the implant sitting in the middle of it. You need to see your plastic surgeon ASAP!

Go to your plastic surgeon

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Your implants are visible you need to go immediately to your plastic surgeon because this could cause your implants to get infected and need another surgery.

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Your implants are exposed and need immediate attention. Depending on the circumstance, you may need replacement or removal and replacement at a later time.

Matthias Solomon, MD
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Exposure of the implants.

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The photo you provided shows exposure of the underlying implants. This will NOT heal on its own and needs to be addressed. You should call you surgeon to be seen right away. 

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Implant exposure

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I am very sorry to see that you have an exposed implant. The overlying wound has broken down and now that the implant is visible you need urgent attention. You should return to your plastic surgeon for advice and management.

When an implant becomes exposed like this it often becomes contaminated by bacteria and it needs to be explored surgically. There is a small chance that this implant can still be saved, but if it is deemed to be too risky to preserve then the implant should be temporarily removed. If this implant is removed, then most patients would elect to have the other breast implant removed at the same time. The breast can then be left to heal and any infection dealt with.

Sometimes implant exposure happens because the implant was too large, or the wound healing was compromised by cigarette smoking or medication or infection. If a cause was identified or suspected, this can be addressed before undergoing further surgery.

Usually it takes about 6 months for the tissues of your breast/chest to settle fully following explantation and once the tissues are deemed to be healthy again, the implant can be re-inserted.

I hope all goes well with your surgery

I have 2 holes under my left breast where my incision was made. It doesn't seem to be healing. What can I do? (

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YOU HAVE AN EXPOSED IMPLANT!!! This is a very urgent situation in my over the internet opinion......

Exposed implant

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It appears that you have breakdown of your incision and your implant is exposed.  You need to see your surgeon or another board certified plastic surgeon urgently.  The implant will have to be removed.

Implant exposure

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I can see your implant! That is bad. See your plastic surgeon immediately. If your plastic surgeon saw that and did nothing, seek another one!

2Hole under the breast

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Thanks for writing,

I completely agree with my peer. I would immediately seek the attention of your plastic surgeon.

Stephen M. Davis, MD, FACS
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