Better cleavage and also have a weird shadow on my right boob and scarring (Photo)

Are my breasts to far apart? Is that because of my natural breast shape, ect? How can I get cleavage/boobs that are closer together? Also, I have a strange shadow on my right breast when it moves or is pushed toward my other boob. Lastly , are my scars healing okay? My surgery was in February of this year (about 6 months ago)

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Too far apart

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Your anatomy will dictate where the base of your breasts sit, and that cannot be easily changed. Some women's breast naturally sit far apart and will stay that way. Wider based implants can be helpful, and placing the implant just behind the breasts will help minimize the distance between breasts. However, some women do need their implants placed behind the muscle for better coverage, smoothness, and upper fullness. The shadow may be a collection of small blood vessels. The scars are a little thick, but might be improved with Kenalog injections. I would suggest discussing all your concerns with your surgeon.

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