After having a root canal done & crown lengthening surgery everything was going as planned. I had no pain; now what do I do?

I felt my bite was off. I called the dentist to get it fixed. My dentist didn't want to remove the temporary crown, she said she could fix it without taking it out. She fixed my bite and now I'm in extreme pain when I bite down. I paid $2500 for all said above and now she says I might have a fracture and need the tooth removed and pay for a bridge on top of what I already paid to save the tooth. Could she have fractured my tooth when fixed my bite? What do I do? I'm in so much pain.

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Pain after crown adjustment

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Most of the time this cain of problems used to happened before getting esthetic procedures (Crowns, Veneers, etc) on people with malocclusion, it probably could be the reason although to give you a more specific diagnostic, s-rays and pictures will be necessaries. I recommended you to visit an specialist on sthetic dentistry that will help you with this situation.
Good luck!

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Bite off

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Thank you for posting your question.  Without a detailed examination it will be difficult to give an accurate response.  It's possible that your bite was off before you had the Temporary crown placed and making changes to it  triggered it to act up.  There are dentists trained in Occlusion or the bite as teeth come together.  You can look for a Pankey trained Dentist in your area and they may be able to help you.  You may be able to save your tooth.  

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