At 24, am I too young for an eyelid lift?

It's a family trait to have hooded eyes and, in the past, I never used to mind mine; however, lately I keep raising my eyebrows because my eyelids just feel so heavy and it's becoming a pretty annoying. So, is 24 too young to have an eyelid lift? Also, if I were to have an eyelid lift done at this age, will my eyes age normally, or will they eventually look too hollow? Thanks for your time.

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Age for an Eyelid Lift

As with any cosmetic surgery, age itself is not the determinant.  You have to actually have the anatomical problem that can be nicely corrected, and you have to be healthy enough to undergo surgery.  Although your age is somewhat young to have an eyelid lift, it doesn't preclude you from having a safe operation and getting a nice, natural improvement in appearance of your eyelids.  The hollow look comes from removal of too much fat, and the latest trend in eyelid surgery is too only remove the minimum amount to reduce fullness and overhang, but to maintain a healthy look.  Actually, the youthful eyelid does have some definite fullness, just not too much.  Seek out a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon to determine just what your anatomical problem is so the appropriate operation can be customized to give you the best result.

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Eyelid lift in your 20s

The question here should be less about age and more about necessity. Without pictures to evaluate it is hard to give specific advice to you. However, it sounds like due to genetics you are experiencing ptosis at a younger age than most people experience it. If your droopy eyelids are interfering with your daily life, then at your age you may be a candidate for an eyelid lift. I recommend scheduling a consultation with an experienced oculoplastic surgeon. He/she will be able to evaluate you in person and help you determine if you are ready for surgery now or if you should wait a few more years. Good luck!

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Eyelid Lift in Young People

It is difficult to evaluate you without photographs. However eyelid lifts can be done in young people. If your eyelids are actually interfering with your vision you may have eyelid ptosis (drooping due to muscle weakness).
This condition should be evaluated by an experienced oculoplastic surgeon. If it is truly excess skin or brow drooping, then those conditions can be addressed either through surgical or non-surgical treatments.

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Eyelid Surgery in my 20's

Unfortunately without pictures it is hard to give you an accurate answer. It is not normal for patients to get their eyelid surgery done in their 20's but that does not mean it has never been done. Genetics play a big component in terms of upper eyelid excess skin. You will need to see a plastic surgeon with adequate training in the periorbital area to decide if your problem is in your brows, eyelid skin, or the eyelid itself (eyelid ptosis). If you were to need an upper blepharoplasty, this is an outpatient procedure and can be performed under sedation and local anesthesia. Hope this was helpful. Good luck!

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Eyelid lift?

Your best bet is to obtain a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon in your area. They will evaluate you and determine if the removal of upper eyelid skin, also called upper lid blepharoplasty is appropriate.

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Early eyelid lift

You would need to post photos for a better assessment; however, if you really do have excess skin in your upper eyelids a small excision of skin without removing muscle or fat can correct this without any longterm adverse sequelae.  It can be done in an office setting under local anesthesia only. 

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How young is ‘too young’ for upper eyelid surgery?

Most of our patients seeking upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) say they noticed unwanted fullness of their upper lids sometime in their 40s or 50s.  This progresses with time. Sometimes there are heredity factors which created undesirable fullness or hooding in young people, so this is not totally just age-related. (When there is a weakness of the small levator muscle that raises the eyelid, this is a different story altogether).  If a young person, for example in their 20s is to benefit from upper eyelid surgery, this needs to be performed conservatively:  less is definitely more.  The goal is to soften and improve, but not create an extreme change. Subtle and atural is always best. 

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Eyelid lift in your twenties

Age itself should not be the main consideration in choosing eyelid surgery. The main consideration is the anatomy. Isn't your brows which are heavy? Is it your actual lids? Excess skin above the lids? The eyelid is a very complicated and complex area. I certainly would do your homework prior to agreeing to any surgery. you want to make certain you are visiting with someone who has extensive experience in such surgery, like an oculoplastic surgeon or plastic surgeon specializing in eyelids. Best of luck!
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Age is NOT the main factor in deciding eyelid ptosis surgery

Age is NOT the main factor in deciding eyelid ptosis surgery.  The amount of ptosis and its symptoms are most important.  Eyelid ptosis is even performed in babies but of course the criteria are more strict the younger the person is.  See an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation.

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Too young for eyelid lift

If you are 24 you are a little young but if you have a significant amount of excess skin then the only way to get rid of it is to surgically remove it regardless of your age.

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