Board Certified Surgeon Has Aesthetician Do the Procedure (Ultherapy), Normal?

The office had the machine for 4 months, aesthetician does the procedure . would you trust this provider? This provider is in Naperville (suburb of Chicago); Any other more reputable options in IL or Midwest - or I better travel?

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Who should do the Ultherapy procedure ?

In our offices where we have 2 Ultherapy devices, Ultherapy is done by the physician or one of 2 physician assistants. Although we have aestheticians and cosmetologists in our cosemtic offices, we regard this procedure as a medical procedure as it involves ultrasound energy and we utilize the ALARA principles .. 

Read the Ultherapy ebook provided on the link below. 

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Who can perform ultherapy

Ultherapy should be be performed by a physician or under the direct supervision of the physician.  I believe a physician or registered nurse would be best to provide this treatment because they will be most familiar with a patient's anatomy to avoid a complication.  I personally perform all of my ultherapy treatments because I believe that having the physician performing the procedure ensures a most comfortable experience for the patient. 

During the treatment, if I have a patient that is experiencing discomfort,  I will stop treating and provide an anesthetic block to keep them comfortable.

The Ultherapy protocol is being refined on a regular basis to optimize treatment results, and the physician's are the providers who work with the company to produce the best protocols.  Physicians have the training to adjust the treatments and recognize how these changes affect their results.  I believe a patient will have a better outcome when treated by their physician.  

The procedure itself may take a little over an hour and I know the physicians that perform Ultherapy themselves look forward to spending this time with their patients.  In addition, when it comes time to seeing the results,  us physicians love to see first-hand  the "fruits of our labor."

Christina Steil, MD
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Ultherapy done by physician or assistant

There may be different regulation in each state of the U.S. allowing assistants to perform Ulthera under supervision.  As Ulthera is a deeply penetrating ultrasound energy designed to tighten and lift the tissues, and as there are anatomic locations to avoid when doing the procedure on the face, I prefer to perform the procedure myself.  It does not mean that a physician can't delegate this to an assistant, but I would rather have direct control over the treatment and modify it for my actual patient in front of me during the treatment as not every face fits the textbook protocol.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Who is best qualified to do Ultherapy?

Most states allow Ultherapy treatments to be delegated under the licensure and supervision of the prescribing physician. It is important to have the MD involved as it is their responsibility but the actual treatment is most often done by someone else. That is entirely appropriate.

Richard Baxter, MD
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I prefer personal involvement in Ulthera procedures

I have used Ulthera in my practice for a year with excellent results.  While many practitioners can be appropriately trained to operate the device, I prefer to be involved in each procedure.  I have trained nursing and medical assistant personnel who may perform parts of the technical precedure but I think it is best to have the physician present for design, marking and supervision of the procedure.

Mark Beaty, MD
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