Can I See a Board Certified Dermatologist for Laser Treatment?

Is laser tightening and laser resurfacing best done by a board certified plastic surgeon or can I see a board certified dermatologist with experience in these procedures? My city has many board certified dermatologists but only 1 board certified plastic surgeon that I could find and it is hard to get an appointment with her. Please note, I am looking strictly at laser skin procedures not extensive surgery. I am new at this whole thing, thanks!

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Dermatologists are excellent laser specialists

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Based on their medical training, most board certified dermatologists have significant laser expertise. Your best bet is to visit a dermatologist who has a laser you desire (e.g., Fraxel, Fractionated C02 and Erbium lasers for resurfacing and Radiofrequency or Infrared lasers for skin tightening). If the practice has these lasers, it will advertise them on the website and the dermatologist will use them for various cosmetic treatments. For resurfacing procedures, in order to get optimal results, ensure that the dermatologist is performing these procedures.

Good luck.

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