Blurryness 3 Weeks After Laser Eye Surgery?

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Blurry After LASIK

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This would really depend on your type of refractive error and type of laser refractive surgery.  If you had a large treatment, a hyperopic treatment, or surface ablation, then some blurriness is common after three weeks.

San Diego Ophthalmologist

LASIK Enhancement

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It should be understand that people heal differently and for that reason not everyone gets the visual result that they want after their first LASIK procedure.  Statistically, some will need an enhancement (fine-tuning) in order to achieve optimal vision postoperatively.  Typically these enhancements are not performed until the eye has fully stabilized after surgery.  I usually tell patients to wait for three months before performing this enhancement procedure.  The higher the prescription, the greater is the chance of needing a second procedure. In my experience the rate of enhancement is in the 2-10% range, but may be much higher for people with very high prescriptions.

Mark Golden, MD
Chicago Ophthalmologist

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