Blurry vision related to weather?

My eyes were both great right after my Lasik (about 6 weeks ago), then we had a spell of extremely cold and dry weather. Both eyes got very sore and I poured drops to them. My left eye now seems fine, but my right eye (the distance eye--I had monovision) is still very blurry. Any cause for concern, or am I just experiencing a bit of corneal swelling from the dryness?

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Weather affecting lasik

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Certainly dry weather can affect the vision after Lasik surgery. Lasik creates dryness (which can persist up to a year after the procedure) and if the weather is dry then this compounds the problem. I have found that dry eye treatment is often misunderstood. If the eyes become dry then the cells on the surface of the eye can die. This causes an irregular surface for you to look through and blurs the vision as well as causing redness  and irritation. Once the surface cells die it can take months to correct because the cells only regenerate once the surface of the eye is healthy again. This takes frequent and consistent drops over lengthy periods of time, not an occasional drop when the eyes are irritated which some people do. So your scenario can occur particularly in dry climates and is generally not a big cause of concern other than you need to continue with your frequent preservative-free artificial tears. You also should be followed by your physician to ensure improvement and possible use of other dry eye treatments if necessary. 

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