Blurry Vision After Double Eyelid Surgery

Vision still blurry at 8 weeks post op. Light sensitivity, eye pain and dry eye. Right eye feels like there is something in it. Astigmatism inc from cylinder -0.50 to -2.00. Eye surgeon "baffled" by slow recovery says - resolve in time. Consulted 2 other ophthalmologists. Use OTC Systane Balance 6 X daily. Can anyone offer better insight or treatment options. Or even how to find a good ophthalmologist in New York City. Thx.

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You live in one of the great meccas of ophthalmology.

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Dear New York

Adult strabismus surgery can be very frustrating stuff.  It sounds like you have dry eye symptoms but the photophobia is worrisome.  I strongly recommend that you ask your surgeon for a referral for a university based cornea specialist and or pediatric ophthalmologist.  If I was in New York and had an opthalmology issue, I would see a full time faculty member at the Edward Harkness Eye Institute at Columbia.  In cornea, you have specialists such as James Auran, M.D. in cornea and dry eye and of course John T. Flynn, M.D., the vice chairman of the department and chief of Pediatric Ophthalmology.  Were would I start?  I would start with the Pediatric Ophthalmologist and see where that takes me.  Good luck.

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