Blurry Vision and Double Image After 2 Months Lasik Operation

I am into my 40s and had my Lasik operation 2 months ago. I am not able to read road sign clearly when I drive, worse when I am in basement carpark. I am seeing double images especially on LED lights. But I have no problem with my near. My doctor told me that there is a residual degree of 50 in both my eyes. Is this small residual power the cause to blurred vision or something else. I am worried that I have to live with it for the rest of life. Will it go away or it is permanent?

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If distance vision is preferred and enhancement may be indicated

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Consider driving glasses since the residuals -.50 is allowing you to read without glasses.  If distance vision is preferred and enhancement may be indicated, reading glasses might be necessary after surgery when age related presbyopia sets in.

New York Ophthalmologist

May need touchup...

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Based on your symptoms there may be a residual refractive error or prescription present. If there is uncorrected astigmatism then this can degrade the quality of vision especially in dim light settings. After a LASIK correction, where a flap is made, the prescription typically stabilizes after a month. If PRK or a surface ablation was done then this healing process can take several months. Continue post-operative care with your surgeon and if appropriate, a touchup can be considered after 3-6 months or the prescription no longer changes.

Trevin R. Wallin, MD
Layton Ophthalmologist

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