Blurry Vision After Lasik Touch Up Surgery Following Multi-focal Refractive Surgery. Will I Improve?

I had multi-focal refractive surgery about 5 mos. ago. My vision didn't turn out to what I had hoped. 3 days ago I had lasik touch up surgery(so they call it) to correct and sharpen my vision from the multi-focal surgery. Currently my vision seems to be ok close up but everything is blurred in the distance. Will my sight sharpen up in the future? I am a male 54 yrs old Thanks Tom

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Multi-focal refractive surgery

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multi-focal LASIK and LASEK is not yet approved by the FDA in the US. VISX has been doing trials in Canada for years now, because FDA doesn't apply there eventually FDA will approve multifocal ablations, but not now you may mean you had a multifocal IOL inserted after your cataract surgery. this is FDA approved, and works well in most people. it takes a few months to get used to, and doesn't work great unless both eyes are done. sometimes the power of the lens is off, and it's too dangerous to go in and swap it out. so then you would need a laser to tune-up the cornea to correct the Rx. you could have a LASIK to do the tune-up, but I don't think it's actually as accurate, so I prefer doing a LASEK to do the tune-up, with or without Hi-Def, it's case-by-case. i have cataract surgeons send me for the tune-up, as that is my expertise, not theirs. so if you need a tune-up, ask for a LASEK perhaps, and have it done by a refractive surgeon, not your own cataract surgeon if he's not so experienced w the laser. hope this helps

Dr Emil Chynn, Park Avenue LASEK

New York Ophthalmologist

Multifocal refractive surgery Lasik touchup

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Typically, it takes around three months after a Lasik touchup before you achieve your maximum vision. So I would not reach any conclusions until then. 

Andrew Caster, MD
Los Angeles Ophthalmologist
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