Its been months I had breast reconstruction and have little sharp pain every once in a while around nipple. Why?

After breast reconstruction I still seem to have short, sharp pains around my nipple. Plus, I have a small blemish, like a pimple there too. Could it be that the dissolving stitches havent disolved? How long does it take. Its been a few months.

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Pain after Breast Reconstruction

Hello and thank you for your question, you should know that in about 25 percent of women, the nerves in the surrounding tissues are injured during breast surgery. This can lead to persistent burning or shooting pain in the area of the surgical scar and/or the underarm area on the affected side, this is usually temporary. Let your board certified plastic surgeon know if you have burning or stabbing pain or skin sensitivity that lasts for more than a month after surgery. 

About the new finding (blemish/pimples) I would recommend you to visit your surgeon for further evaluation and treatment. 

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Follow up with your surgeon is best.

Pain is certainly not unusual and in and of itself unlikely to be worrisome. This generally indicates part of the normal healing process with nerve ending recovering and occasionally causing pain. 

In terms of any new lumps or bumps, it is best not to self diagnose and rather, get seen by your surgeon. Best of luck.

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